A Letter to Military Veterans from MIC Mortgage

Dear Veteran,

You have served and sacrificed. You love your country and have done everything in your power to protect and fight for our freedom. You are a beloved American Military Veteran.

flagIt’s no longer enough to say thank you or give you a pat on the back.  You deserve more than a salute, a wave, or a round of applause when you walk through the airport. When it comes down to it, there really aren’t enough words or actions one could express to exhibit the amount of gratitude you deserve.  But, part of what makes you the beloved serviceman/servicewoman you are is the fact that you aren’t in it for the praise or the glory.  You probably never have been and you never will be.  You have given your life to a cause that is greater than many civilians can wrap their minds around. You are humble. You are brave.

Veterans, you have recognized the true value of the incredible freedom we as Americans have.  You have been willing to stand on the front lines to defend our right to liberty with the most valuable thing you have – - your life – - all while we go about living our blessed lives of comfort and liberty at home.  For you, it is an honor and a privilege to serve so that we can enjoy the freedom that is too often taken for granted each and every day.  For you, it is an honor to fight the fight which we may never fully recognize, understand, or give you credit for – - an honor to fight and stand firm on the values that our country was built upon long ago.  On behalf of those who don’t understand – or of those who do and don’t bother showing you the appreciation for your service, we humbly apologize.

We know that for so many of you, the battle does not end when you come back home.  Establishing and maintaining home ownership along with just settling back into “normal” civilian life can pose an entirely different set of complications.  Your spouse and/or relatives may try to help, but nothing will bring them to a point of understanding unless they themselves have been through what you have. With this, you may feel completely alone, but know that you are not. You may have been through hell and back – but you are back. Yes, the road may be difficult, but each day is a new opportunity to embrace and enjoy the freedom that you have fought so hard to protect.

If you are having a difficult time adjusting to life back home, whether it be physical issues or psychological – please don’t wait any longer to seek help.  Please don’t attempt to get through this by yourself. It takes bravery and courage to reach out for a helping hand and these are characteristics, sir/madam, that you certainly do not lack.

We want to let you know that MIC Mortgage is more than a VA mortgage company. We put veterans first and value the immense sacrifices you have made to protect our country.  You are the reason that we can be in business, doing what we do.  In addition to standing behind our nation’s veterans, we will continue doing everything it takes to help you achieve financial freedom by reducing your VA Mortgage rate, plain and simple. We value your service to our country and look forward to getting to know you.  Feel free to call us anytime at 866-659-2477.


MIC Mortgage